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Blog entry 9th May 2021

In mid April I received the single judges verdict on my application for appeal, which was a rejection.

Whilst not entirely unexpected, the Court of Appeal have an almost notorious reputation for excessively high thresholds, the reasons for my application rejection raised significant concerns. My application was re-submitted along with a 14 page document detailing concerns regarding the single judges decision reasoning. That was received within 14 days by the official notification that my 'renew' application has been registered and is to be scheduled for a full hearing in due course.

A have also received formal notification that my first parole hearing will convene on August 31st. Hopefully by this date I will be able to have an in person, face to face hearing.

It has become increasingly clear that British laws and sentencing are entirely deficient for tackling the tsunami of dog thefts in the country. It is appalling that our laws treat the theft of a person or families beloved pet no differently than the theft of an inanimate possession. As any dog, cat or pet owner knows, these animals have their own characters and individuality that no inanimate possession can compare to. Our pets are family members, no different to any human being family member. Therefore, the loss of a pet through theft is no different to the abduction of a family member.

Our pets are equally vulnerable as a child when it comes to being abducted and taken from their family homes. I feel that anyone stealing a dog or family pet should be treated and viewed no differently than if they had abducted a child. The crime has clear parallels and attract equal prosecution, sentencing and stigma.

I am no animal rights activist, but I feel very strongly about this issue. It is high time our Government reviewed and updated the laws governing pet theft prosecution and sentencing, to reflect the damage this crime causes and its abhorrent nature. I therefore urge anyone reading this to lobby their MP to petition the Government to immediately address the issues that allow pet theft to be worthwhile to those involved in it.