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Blog entry 24th June 2020

Firstly I hope that anyone reading this has managed to remain safe and well during the pandemic lock-down.

Shortly after the Court of Appeal (CoA) accepted my application for investigation the police turned up unannounced at HMP Wakefield asking to speak to me. For obvious reasons I refused. Firstly, there is absolutely nothing that the police could need to 'speak' to me about. Had there been any basis to their visit correct procedure would have been followed. This means prior notification of their intention to visit, prior disclosure of the reason for the visit, and sufficient time and opportunity for me to arrange for a solicitor to attend to be given. Since this event I have submitted a formal application to the prison's police liaison officer to provide the names of the police officers, and force details so that I may lodge a formal complaint with the relevant authority. That remains unanswered. Clearly this was no more that yet another underhanded 'fishing-trip' and a complete abuse of public funds.

Since having my application for an appeal against conviction accepted by the CoA I have had a letter back from them. Strangely it was in an extremely 'damaged' state. One side of the envelope was completely opened. The letter itself was missing its first page and, the remaining page and documents are all but unreadable as they had been severely waterlogged. Of course this may well be down to a genuine accident in the post. However, a sodden envelope doesn't just separate neatly down one edge. Nor would just one page of the letter inside detach from the staple holding it together and go 'missing'.

Of course there is no way I can prove that my legally confidential Court of Appeal letter was unlawfully tampered with. Consider this though. This occurred in the same week that the police turned up to 'speak' to me unannounced. Perhaps it's just a coincidence....