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Blog entry 26th August 2019

The CCRC have confirmed receipt of my application to have my conviction reviewed and my follow-up letter clarifying the specific details of why I feel that my case should be considered for review. It is now a case of waiting for my application to be considered by them. I have to be realistic about the fact that the CCRC refer a very small percentage of applications sent to them on to the court of appeal. However, if the CCRC reject my application I have an alternative strategy ready to set in motion.

The parole panel sat and considered the paperwork in my case. In view of my solicitors submissions on my behalf they granted me an oral hearing, which is to be scheduled for the end of the year. At this the parole panel will be able to question me in person. My legal team will also be able to call experts such as a psychologist and other witnesses on my behalf. As a Category A lifer who maintains their innocence has never been granted parole, the chances of my being directed for release are all but impossible. What my legal team and I do hope for is to correct the misconceptions made against me by elements of the Prison Service.

Meanwhile I am waiting and trying to secure funding so that I can study for my Level 3 Personal Trainers passport. As well as various other gym and sport based qualifications I recently achieved my Level 2 Gym Instructors passport. I then intend to study for my Level 3 nutrition passport and a qualification in delivering exercise and training programmes to the older generation.

Over the last 20 years burying myself in training at the gym and studying have done much to keep my sanity. Both have given me clarity at times when I have been most despondent. I would recommend both to any wrongly convicted prisoner. Whilst training keeps you physically fit and able to 'fight' on, study keeps your mind alert and refreshed. Both are vital to being able to maintain momentum in pursuing to right any wrongful conviction. There is an added bonus to study. It allows you to gain a sense of achievement and self-worth which the prison system will be keen to take from you.

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