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Blog entry 23rd October 2018

Since my last blog my appeal solicitors still haven't answered any of my letters. Nor is there any indication that they have taken any constructive action to secure the evidence that the police and CPS withheld at my trial.

This has left me with no option other than to lodge a formal complaint against Mr Gavin Rose, my legal representative at Wells Burcombe Solicitors. As much as I didn't want to have to take this course of action, I simply couldn't sit here and allow things to continue as they have been. It is now over two years ago that the barrister for my appeal instructed Mr Rose to pursue the evidence the police and CPS hid at my trial which proves I was at a chemists during the crucial time frame.

In that time I secured proof from Kent Police and CPS that the medicine bottle with a time stamped label is in their possession. The police's own computer expert has stated that the time and date on the label proves my alibi. It is therefore incomprehensible as to why Mr Rose has not done everything possible to secure all the evidence relating to my being at the chemists. That should have included going to court to force the police to hand this evidence over.

Also in this two year period I have secured documentation that the police used an MG6D list in my case, for which there is no reasonable explanation, and have hidden a wealth of other evidence that benefitted my defence. Mr Rose has a lot of explaining to do in respect of his failure to represent my best interests in these aspects.

On a separate note, I wish to add my voice to those who are calling for the current Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, to be denied her customary damehood when she steps down from her position. On her watch it has been exposed that she allowed evidence proving accused people's innocence to be withheld, in a conviction at any cost culture within the police and CPS. Once exposed she has refused to acknowledge how long this culture has prevailed and refused to accept that prisons will be holding wrongly convicted people due to this abuse of powers under her watch. A woman this ignorant and unable to fully acknowledge her failing and guilt must not be given such a prestigious accolade.

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